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Fall 2010

History Honors 117

World History To 1500

History 118

Women’s History (155) Online

Theatre Arts 101

History 117 Online

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Greetings!  A little bit about me:

  1. I am a professor at Victor Valley College, Victorville, CA

  1. I am a community college graduate of Mt. San Jacinto College

  1. I have taught a variety of courses in 20 years of instruction, including US History, World History, Women’s History, Art History, Theatre History and Introduction and Appreciation of Theatre, California History, History of Minorities in America, and Chinese History

  1. I am a world traveler!  In addition to living all over the world, I have visited England (several times), Iceland, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.  I have also done extensive traveling in the United States: Hawaii, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls being some of the most recent. My husband and I have continued this tradition, visiting England, Jordan, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and several destinations in the US, including New Mexico, Arizona, Seattle, Boston and many others. For our trips since 2007, visit our Gallery!